September 9, 2021 Meeting

Choosing the Right Dry Fly w/ Eric Naguski

September 9th we will have Eric Naguski on “Choosing the Right Dry Fly: Options for Fly Selection for Specific Hatches and Water Types.”

Eric Naguski has spent the last 40 years chasing trout around Pennsylvania with a fly rod in hand. He is the owner of Riseforms Fly Fishing Guide Service and is also a guide for Relentless Fly Fishing. He currently lives and guides out of Boiling Springs, PA in the heart of the Cumberland Valley, surrounded by its legendary Spring Creeks and their notoriously difficult trout. Eric is a bug geek and loves to dry fly fish. To him, sharing the experience of successfully presenting a dry fly to a picky rising fish with a client is most often more fun than doing it himself. Eric has a biology degree in aquatic ecology and is heavily involved in conservation activities in the Cumberland Valley as a board member of Cumberland Valley TU. He also finds the time to serve on the board of the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Association working to preserve and promote the storied history of fly fishing in Pennsylvania. Eric enjoys fly fishing for saltwater fish and has caught fish on the fly from Massachusetts to Mexico, but his heart lies in the limestone streams of Pennsylvania. He has a new book out “Favorite Flies for Pennsylvania” if you would like a copy let us know and Eric will bring a few to sell and autograph.

***Note > Right now we are required by Bucks County to wear a single mask while inside county facilities even if vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated are required to use a double mask or at least a 4ply one.

This is our First Meeting of the 2021 – 2022 year. With that said, “Its time to pay our dues”.
This is a members only event, if you would like to become a member here is the link for our membership form…/1feFOrsCWmp17yXzR3xH…/view…
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