October 14, 2021

Tim O’Neil

Striper Fishing with Tim O’Neill

Tim is the founder and owner of O’Neill’s Fly Fishing as well as the owner of the Norvise fly tying system. He began fly fishing at the age of 10. During the following 3+ decades, his passion for the sport carried him through many parts of the industry including; retail sales, commercial fly tying, lecturing, seminar teaching, and guiding. Tim’s fly fishing exploits have been written up in publications like “Out and About Delaware” and “Delaware Today” as well as being interviewed for NPR radio to discuss fly fishing.

A Master Machinist, Tim has been manufacturing parts for the Norvise for well over a decade. His personal and professional relationship with Norm Norlander made Norm’s choice to pick Tim as his successor a sound one. He considers himself an educator first and gets the most pleasure in helping others learn more about this great sport.

At DVFF we are an affiliate of Fly Fishers International, the leaders for teaching fly fishing, fly tying, and fly casting. We have members that are FFI Certified Casting Instructors and Fly Tying Columnists of major fly tying magazines. Our members are willing to help you learn, and learn how to enjoy fly fishing. As we start our in person programs now would be a great time to join. As we have overnight fishing trips, club outings and fly tying and fishing classes starting up in January. Contact the club for more information. delawarevalleyflyfishers@gmail.com

Our meeting is at 7:00 PM at the Churchville Nature Center on the second Thursday of the month. Dues are only $35.00 per year. This is an members only event, if you would like to become a member here is the link for membership

PAYPAL https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=R7ZMVKRCWE5UG

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