March Meeting

Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Presents Bart Lombardo – Owner of Panfish On The Fly

Bart will cover many ways to have fun catching panfish on your fly rod, what flies to use, and the seasons and equipment needed.

Fly fishing for bluegill and other sunfish species has always been Bart Lombardo’s passion. Collectively known as panfish, these scrappy fighters were made to be pursued with a fly rod. The first fish Bart caught on a fly was a bluegill. Bart said “When the day comes that I can no longer wade a trout stream or paddle a kayak they will be around to be my last.”

Why wait for the annual trip to trout country to pick up that fly rod. You have fish living right in your backyard that are just waiting to grab your fly. Bluegills and other panfish are found everywhere!

Meeting > March 10, 2022 at 7:00 PM

We meet at the Churchville Nature Center. The Center is requiring all in attendance to wear a mask. Please comply with the Nature Center’s request.

This is a member-only meeting, if you would like to join check out our website at

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