October Meeting

Flyfishing Tailwaters for Big Trout

Aaron Jasper

October 13, 2022

Aaron Jasper is known for finding and hooking up with big fish and what better place to do this than in tailwaters. Most of the world’s tailwaters can be fished any time of the year so come to the meeting as Aaron shares his tips and tactics for fishing these super productive waters.

Aaron enjoys fishing in many different conditions because he enjoys the challenge. Whether it’s snowing or freezing cold, you will find him fishing. If the streams are blown out, he will be there. He fishes in these extreme conditions to find new techniques that will work, and Euro-Nymphing’s versatility has allowed Aaron to really perfect his fish-catching abilities, regardless of conditions.

NON MEMBERS > $10.00 at the door

DVFF Membership Application > https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TjU2hS5SIxKxf4HetqrQJoOQVo6MaiR3/view?usp=sharing


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